Ethics of physician dating former patient

16-Aug-2017 10:00

Not only does the law miss out on who does what (usually not an MD) but it now presumes a certain hypnotic power. Perhaps some people may try to lure him back with sex, and need to be protected from themselves, there?

It says: how can any mentally competent adult resist the difference in social power between themselves and the Godlike podiatrist? I hear psychiatrists as a danger but this is usually from those who have no idea what psychiatrists do. Who knows what fantasies lawmakers have about what happens in such cases...

ethics of physician dating former patient-2

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Or perhaps the AMA feels that there simply are no circumstances in which a patient could give valid consent. n there's no specified time line, for psychiatrist it says they cannot have sex even with a former patients but in this question it just says internist, I don't really know if this internist can be a psychiatrist, coz no idea about a 60yr internist.. With the exception of a psychiatrist, if there exists no doctor-pateint relation then they can date. May be in the future we can date, after u get another doctor. (just saying) I believe A is too abrasive of an answer.