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On this day, in 1885, the defining landmark of the United States arrived in New York harbor.

It had traveled across the Atlantic from France, but that short trip was only a small moment in the winding journey behind the creation of the quintessential icon of liberty and freedom: the statue of Laboulaye praised the relationship between France and the United States, an alliance dating back to the Revolutionary War, when French assistance to the colonial cause proved to be a decisive reason why the war was won.

Name: Picon Ancient name: Pisces Nickname: / Patron God: Poseidon Population: ± 1.400.000.000 (One billion, four hundred million) Capital: Queenstown Star system: Helios Alpha Other known locations: – Queenstown (captical city) – Muritolan (Piconian district, Pailyn is located in Muritolan) – Perkinston (city) – Pailyn (city) – Colonial Fleet Headquarters – Penrose Harbor (harbor near Queenstown) – Picon Laboratories (creator and distributor of medical supplies) Main educational institutions: – Colonial Fleet Academy Picon (one of the Colonies’ Service Academies) – Noyse Elementary School (: Sam Anders’ elementary school) Pyramid Teams: – Picon Panthers Picon Facts: – Picon has a 75% water mass and a 25% land mass – It has many harbors – Many Colonial film – and TV series are filmed on Picon – It has the most efficient, cooperative and responsive democracy in the colonies – In the past, Picon had bitter rivalries with Scorpia and Leonis – Picon and Caprica have an alliance dating back to the early days of colonization Trivia: – Picon offers tax incentives for companies in the film industry that choose Picon as their filming location – was one of the last ships to leave Picon during the Cylon attacks (the passenger liner in which Ellen Tigh escaped the nuclear explosions) – When the nuclear blasts destroyed the Colonial Fleet HQ, President Adar offered the Cylons an unconditional surrender – the Cylons ignored it.

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Global collaboration through networks, alliances and consortia is a growing feature of the higher education landscape.

After the war the British no longer feared Russian encroachment in China and wished to maintain close ties with the of 1921–22, Britain allowed it to lapse.

It was specifically terminated by the Four-Power Pacific Treaty (1921), a vaguely worded agreement that left the Japanese without allies until the conclusion of their Tripartite Pact with Germany and Italy in September 1940.

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The United States, with its extensive commerce across the Atlantic and in the Caribbean, could no longer remain purely a spectator, trading unencumbered with all parties.

American merchant ships were tempting prizes for both sides, particularly the British.

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